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Before you send a support ticket, please check the FAQ and make sure that you use the latest available version. Please provide a full description of the problem including a step-by-step guide to reproduce the problem. Normally questions will be answered within 24 hours working days.

For any question feel free to contact us using the following contact form.

Demo version download


To download a demo version now, please complete the following form. After filling out the information below, you will receive an e-mail containing the download link. 

In order to download the software you must provide a valid e-mail address.

The demo version can be tested importing orders from our Virtuemart sample e-commerce.


Purchase VMInvoice Online using credit card securepayments

  VMInvoice - Light Edition -  39,00 EUR (12 months license). btnBuy


  VMInvoice - Professional Edition -  59,00 EUR (12 months license).  btnBuy


  VMInvoice - Lan Edition - 100,00 EUR (12 months license).  btnBuy


The license will expire after 12 months from purchase date. To continue importing orders and issuing invoices you will need to renew for other 12 months.

VMInvoice is available in 3 different editions to better satisfy your needs:


Orders and products import  yes yes  yes
Creation of Invoices, Delivery Notes from Virtuemart Orders  yes yes  yes 
Batch Creation of Invoices, Delivery Notes from Virtuemart Orders   yes yes
Print And Export Detailed Inventory Reports Of Products With Cost Valorization.   yes   yes 
Get And Update Stock Quantities To And From Virtuemart.   yes  yes 
Powerful Order Manager with delivery labels and pick list creation yes  yes  yes 
Fully Customizable Documents Template Layout with Integrated Reports Editor. yes  yes  yes 
Bulk e-mail and address labels creation. yes  yes  yes 
Customs Reports Creation   yes  yes 
Creation of direct Query to Virtuemart database   yes yes 
Customers and Products archive yes  yes yes
Documents Statistics yes  yes  yes 
Order Statistics yes  yes yes
Usage in Client/Server mode on multiple lan computers      yes 


The Lan Edition allows you to install VmInvoice on your company server allowing multiple connections from workstations to one instance of the VmInvoice database.
The Lan Edition client can be installed on an unlimited number of workstations within your local network allowing multi user access and management.

Licenses are delivered electronically by e-mail within 24 hours but in most cases you will receive within a few hours or faster!

License model: 1 license per Joomla-Virtuemart based website per year.

During the activation process you will be asked to provide:
- Your Company Name (minimum 5 characters)
- Web Site Address (URL) of the Joomla-Virtuemart installation that you want VMInvoice to work with. Please enter the web address in the following format:

Once your order has been placed, Share-It will verify and process it.
A custom registration key will be generated and e-mailed to you by our reseller after the payment is successfully processed. With this registration key you can activate your copy of VMInvoice.

VMInvoice is only available as a digital download.

The price includes:

yes  12 months of software usage.

yes  12 months of software updates.

yes  12 months of e-mail support.

Sales taxes:

Listed prices are without VAT. If you are located in any EU country and do not have a VAT number, VAT will be added at your local rate to all orders as required by EU regulations on electronically delivered goods.

Terms and conditions

Products Invoicing software for small and medium size businesses to be used in personal computers in Microsoft Windows environment.

Guarantee All software products are guaranteed to work as described in these web pages. You can test the software in your own computer before you buy. We guarantee that the licensed and delivered software is functioning the same way as the software which you can test in before placing your order.

License Delivery We will normally deliver your license and unlock key within 24 hours after we get confirmation of your payment. You must inform us after one working day, if you have not seen our delivery email, which we send after your order is confirmed.

Credit Card Security We do not collect and save credit and debit card information. Credit and debit card information are handled by third party hosting service with maximum security.

Privacy Policy EasySoft does not give buyer's information to third parties.

EasySoft does not issue refunds. Our web site allows you to download and try the software before buying it. Therefore, a customer cannot ask for a refund saying that he was unaware that a certain feature was missing.

These terms apply to your order. Regulations, terms and conditions may change at any time, so please do not assume that the same terms will apply in the future.

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Is there a guarantee that I will get paid?

Our Affiliate Program is tracked and managed by an independent, reliable third party (Share-It). This means that each affiliate commission on every purchase is automatically deducted from the sum that goes to our account and deposited in your account.

In the years we have worked with Share-It we have not had a single delay in receipt of payments. The payment cycles of this established payment processing company with offices in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA and Cologne, Germany, run like a Swiss clock.

What commission do I receive?

We pay a 20% commission for qualified sales.

How will I receive my payment?

Share-It sends out Payment Reports to affiliates on the 8th of the each month for the previous month's sales. Payment is then made on the 15th for the previous month's earnings, provided you reach the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR/USD in commission earnings. Otherwise the balance is transferred to next month until you reach minimum payment amount.

You can receive payments either by check or wire transfer to your bank account, in USD or EUR. You choose a payment method during sign up and can change it later if necessary.

The payment cycles of this established payment processing company with offices in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA and Cologne, Germany, run like a Swiss clock.

Frequently asked questions

Before You Buy

Q: What should I do before I purchase VMInvoice?
A: You should download the Demo version first. It allows you to try all the options and features of the software before you buy.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for VMInvoice?
A: We recommend the following configuration:

• 600-MHz or higher CPU
• Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
• Display minimum resolution: 1024 x 768
• 1024 MB RAM
• 100 MB of available hard disk space
• In order to print invoices, you will need a laser or ink jet printer.

Q: I see that there is no report of documents (invoices, delivery notes, etc...) in my language, can I add?
A: Yes, if you want you can translate on you own or just send us translated strings.
IMPORTANT: The software and the reports are NOT compatible with UNICODE languages/alphabet (SORRY, NO CYRILLIC, ARAB, CHINESE, JAPANESE, ETC...).

Q: Can I use VmInvoice on different workstation of my network (LAN)?
A: Yes, you need to purchase VmInvoice Lan Edition that allows you to install the software in client/server mode on all computers of your local network.

Q: Can I use VmInvoice to create "manual" documents for other purposes in addiction of my e-commerce documents?
A: Yes, you can produce any document (invoice, Delivery notes, etc...) for any purpose, manually inserting all the necessary data in the document form. VMInvoice is not just a great tool for your e-commerce management, you can also use it like a normal invoicing software.

Q: Can I select more orders and generate the invoices in a click?
A: Yes, VmInvoice has a Batch documents producing. You can produce any document (invoice, Delivery notes, etc...) selecting orders and pressing Batch Create Documents, you can print and export documents to pdf and print delivery labels in a second. You can process hundreds of orders in a few minutes.

Installing VMInvoice

Q: How do I install VMInvoice?
A: You should download the Demo version. Locate VMInvoice's installation file you have downloaded. Double-click it and follow the instructions displayed by the setup wizard. Once installed, you will have a link on you desktop.

Q: I would like to download and install VMInvoice on a computer that has no Internet access. How can I do that?
A: You should copy downloaded install file on a cd-rom or usb pen and copy on the other computer that has no Internet access.

Q: I already purchased VMInvoice how can I activate the software?
A: You should download and install the Demo version first. Once installed the demo version, open VMInvoice, double clicking on the link on your desktop. Go to Utility Menu and choose Activate Software. You should fill the fields COMPANY NAME and UNLOCK KEY using the parameters you received in the activation e-mail.

Q: When I open VMInvoice do I need to insert any password for the Admin user?
A: By default Admin user has no password, just press enter or click the Login Button leaving the field Password empty. (Do not use the MESADMIN user that is password protected for password recovery purposes)

How to Order/Purchase VMInvoice

Q: How can I purchase VMInvoice?
A: VMInvoice can be purchased online only using a credit card. After paying the licensing fees you will receive an e-mail containing the Unlock Key necessary to activate the demo version of VMInvoice.
IMPORTANT: You will NOT receive a hard copy of VMInvoice on a CD-ROM. To purchase VMInvoice online, click here.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: EasySoft does not issue refunds. Our web site allows you to download and try VMInvoice before buying it. Therefore, a customer cannot ask for a refund saying that he was unaware that a certain feature was missing.

VMInvoice and Virtuemart e-commerce

Q: Do I need direct access to Virtuemart database?
A: No, VMInvoice uses a special scripting system and the direct access to the database on the web server is not required.

Q: Do I need to Export or Import data via CSV file or other?
A: No, it's not necessary to use any exchange file, VMInvoice will manage everything for you, you just need to use the "syncronization" tool inside the program, pressing a button!

Q: On which folder of my Virtuemart based web site should I place the scripts?
A: You have to place in the main folder of the site, typically where you have these files: index.php, index2.php, configuration.php, etc.

Q: I have 3 sites can I use the same license of VmInvoice for them?
A: No, the license model is: 1 license per 1 site, you need to buy 3 different licenses and install the software in 3 different folders.

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