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Very Easy To Use.

      Ready To Go Install.

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New User Friendly Interface.

Get Virtuemart Orders,  Customers and
    Products in a click.
Versions: 1.0.x,  1.5.x, 2.5.x
Versions: 1.0.x, 1.1.x, 2.x and 3.x
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A must have for the serious VM Shops
I've bought this Invoice program after testing and using multiple (web-based) solutions. With all those, I've had troubles customizing them and making them work properly.

VmInvoice is one of the best solutions i've bought for Virtuemart. It's a locally used program that let's you effectively progress your invoices and delivery notes for Virtuemart with the familiar looks of the Office 2007 suite.

One really cool feature is that it can download all products from virtuemart so it gives you the possibility to create Proforma's.

The builtin editor let's you create your own style invoices, delivery notes, credit notes and proforma's.

I'm using it for 2 months now and cannot go without it anymore. It's a real must have for the medium sized/big Virtuemart shops. My working time per invoice went from minutes to seconds!

One more really positive thing is the support. Feature requests are available within days!
Works great, a must have
I work with this stand alone product, works great!
Edit your own forms, makes printign of order and delivery notes much easier.
Very fast support, I even gave them some tips and they did make some changes in the program.
The only solution for a VM/joomla site
This is the only solution which worked out of the box. It even complies with the strict hungarian invoicing rules! The report customization is just fantastic, never had that in any other program.
Couldn't live without it !
I totally agree with Sendur below. This software saves me tons of time and the result looks professional.
On top of that, the support is first class, very responsive and friendly.
If you have a Virtumart shop, VMinvoice is the perfect addition to it.
Some user reviews placed on Virtuemart Extensions Site
The complete solution for your Virtuemart backoffice management
VMInvoice enables you to actively manage and improve your Virtuemart orders fulfilment process and labels printing.
Reduce order processing time
Save your time transforming e-commerce orders into invoices, Batch Creation of Invoices, print shipping  
labels and more in a click!
VMInvoice users say: Working time per invoice went from minutes to seconds!
Customizable Documents (Invoice, Delivery Notes, Proforma, Credit Notes)
Quickly create professional looking invoices with your graphic and in your native language using integrated  
reports editor. Have a look at the video tutorial.
Print, create address labels, send via e-mail, export to pdf and upload to your site your invoices
You can print out, email, export to popular file formats including PDF your invoices. In addition you can send  
your invoices directly from VMInvoice to your site via FTP making invoices available to your customers.
Designed for Joomla  Virtuemart e-commerce
Connect directly to your Joomla + Virtuemart based e-commerce with a click without using boring exports  
systems (no Csv files, no database connection required).
Date range based Statistics and Charts of Orders and Invoices
Print out detailed and grouped reports about orders and invoices. Easily get details and totals of shipping costs,  
taxes, earns and more.
Designed for Windows with the ability to work from USB Flash drive too
VMInvoice is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Can be installed to Hard-disk or  to any  
usb flash drive.
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Tom Gregus - Hungary
Scanni - Netherland
Eric - Switzerland
Sendur  - Netherland
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